Beautiful Lie


Slated for release in 2023, Beautiful Lie is a feature-length documentary that reveals Silicon Valley may not be as progressive as it would like to think. A high-powered CEO discovers that coming out with a secret of a lifetime may ruin him after all.

Anthony Bettencourt travels the world, dominating board rooms. But at night he transforms into Michele and sneaks off as a woman for high-end, hardcore partying.  Director Joe Loverro followed his friend far and wide for a year to capture the journey of Michele finally introducing herself to her international corporate cohorts.

Joe, a former CBS Sports colleague, knew that I also edited documentaries. So he dropped the hard drive on my lap and asked me to see if I could make a decent short out of the material. Instead, we wound up crafting a compelling feature that is now being used to develop a scripted series on Bettencourt’s life for Amazon Studios.  Ideally they will be released together as a package.

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