Super Bowl LX, 2021

Super Bowl LX, 2021

I was part of the technical team that won an Emmy for this year’s Super Bowl LV, which faced huge challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This short piece represents the two types of work I have done for eight Super Bowls since 2001. 

Sometimes that work is very creative, editing dozens of fun, short roll-ins and features that enhance the broadcast of the game and preview shows. An example is the opening of this piece comparing the opposing quarterbacks.  I worked on it with CBS associate director Brian Jagoda, voiced by Jim Nantz.

Sometimes the editing work is purely technical. That could mean doing quality control and organizational workflow for the control room and studio, compiling and delivering advertiser billboards or, as shown in the second part of this piece, building dozens of sponsored animations and bumpers for the preview show. 

This year, I cranked out more than a hundred of these elements for over five hours of preview show.  Many of these animations look and sound exactly alike, except for a change in sponsor. Speed and efficiency are important, but meticulous organization is paramount.  No mix-ups allowed!

Of course, that’s where the QC part of the workflow becomes critical…

Super Bowl LX, 2021
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